Big Dog El Capitan

Hey guys, my name is Cliff Gull. I am the founder of Photopia Studios. I started down my path of photography at the age of five. I absolutely loved taking photos. I continued following my passion of photography through junior high and high school, I continued shoot for several years before my wife Sarah convinced me to move forward and make photography my full time career (she's pretty awesome).

I have been shooting professionally for ten years now and absolutely love what I do. I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing actors and professionals over the years. I currently photograph Commercial, Product, Weddings and Families just to name a few, I not only love to create amazing imagery for my clients, I love to help other photographers learn the craft, which lead to Photopia. A place not only for me but other talented individuals to have a creative space to follow their dreams as well. 

I'm a hat, jeans and t-shirt kinda guy... I was raised on a corn farm so I am used to hard work and getting the job done. Being the sole provider for my family of five I understand the meaning of value and time, I do my best to pass these on to my clients and give them the highest quality work for a fare price.

Also I love Swedish Fish...