Meet the team behind Utah’s ultimate photo studio

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The head honcho and resident lighting genius.

When he’s not at the studio, he is out racing RC Trucks and spending time with his family!
(you might be able to bribe him with Swedish Fish…)


Welcome to Photopia. We are glad you are here!

Our studio is aptly named because we built this studio to be the ultimate photography destination. Open to renters in 2018, the studio has quickly become a go-to for local photographers and their clients. Just ask them all about why they love it.

We want this space to feel like home to our fellow photographers + local business owners. That’s why we offer perks like comfy couches, TV, snacks, + our IPS Lounge where you can meet with clients over tea to enhance their experience with you!

All of that while keeping our prices affordable!


Our owners are photographers and they designed the place after several years of working with clients and seeing what they would need and love about a space:

  • Consistent lighting - like you get with our light, Bertha, in Bay One.

  • More than 10 background choices. With certain ones on rotation so there are always fresh options.

  • Lights included in your rental. To keep costs down for you and your clients.

  • Every kind of modifier so you can capture every kind of look!

  • Tethering tools so that your clients can see images come in as you work - making your post-process smoother.

  • On site staff for helpful tips and to ensure everything in studio is always clean and operational.

    + even more value!

Please let us know if you have questions or want to tour the space

xo, the Photopia Family