Photography Lessons & Training Courses

There are certainly a million videos you can watch on photography but honestly lets face it... Nothing really beats One on One instruction. Having someone that truly understands lighting and can explain it in such a way that you don't feel overwhelmed is priceless. Our easy going approach and small class sizes make it easy for you to get the answers and instruction you're after. We offer many different types of courses from beginner to pro, whether you are wanting to learn basic camera operation or lighting a set with multiple lights or everything in between your in good hands with the instructors at Photopia Studios. 


Basic Camera Operation $99


Learning the basics of your camera is crucial as you begin your photography journey. Understanding the exposure triangle, how ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture all work together to create completely different looks is something every photographer should understand.

As you know these are the fundamentals of photography, our basic course covers why you would use different shutter speeds, aperture and ISO settings in many different areas of photography. This 60 minute course is perfect for beginners and offers easy to follow instruction.

Natural Light Course $199


Natural Light Photography is where most of us start, learning to utilize your environment along with proper camera settings is a game changer. Our Natural Light instruction is a 90 minute course designed to help you start taking dramatically better portraits in no time at all. We teach you the tricks of the trade that are easy to understand and implement on all your shoots. A lot of photographers love shooting natural light not only because its beautiful if used properly but also because of the minimal amount of gear needed to do so.