Photography Lessons & Training Courses

There are certainly a million videos you can watch on photography but honestly lets face it... Nothing really beats One on One instruction. Having someone that truly understands lighting and can explain it in such a way that you don't feel overwhelmed is priceless. Our easy going approach and small class sizes make it easy for you to get the answers and instruction you're after. We offer many different types of courses from beginner to pro, whether you are wanting to learn basic camera operation or lighting a set with multiple lights or everything in between your in good hands with the instructors at Photopia Studios. 


All about the light: Lighting workshop!

June 13th 9am - 8pm
Photopia Studios
7819 s Highland Drive
Cottonwood Heights Ut, 84121

A full day of lighting tutorials with Lords of Light, Cliff Gull and Lyman Winn

+ lunch provided!

Each student will receive a detailed playbook including
lighting diagrams and tips along with space for notes

Your tuition comes with a 1 free hour rental in the bay of your choice at Photopia Studios
so you can practice all your new skills!

We will be teaching:

  • Business and Acting/Modeling Headshot Lighting

  • Creative lighting

  • Fitness Lighting

  • Large Group Lighting

  • Product Lighting

  • Outdoor Balanced lighting with OCF

  • The difference between natural light and strobe

  • Speed Lights vs Strobes

  • Modifiers and the difference between all of them

  • Soft vs Hard light and why to use

  • Inverse Square Law and Fundamentals of Light

    + suggested equipment lists

only 30 spots available