Okay... We admit it, maybe we're a little partial to our beautiful studio rental space!
Don't just take our word for it, see what others have to say about their experience at Photopia Studios! 

Photopia has absolutely everything a photographer is looking for when using a studio. I’m sure planning this space was hard work and now you can see the results. Not only they have amazing bays to shoot at, plenty top rated equipment and accessories are available. Oh and all the different backdrops/walls. It is like a Disneyland for photographers. 😆
Scheduling and managing your hours is a very smooth process.
Great location too!  
-Rebeca Price

Photopia Studios is legitimately the only studio I will use. It's SO well maintained and managed, and it's kept so clean and organized. I can quickly set-up and take down, and know exactly where everything is kept. I'm not embarrassed to bring my clients here as I have been in the past with other studios, and I'm actually excited to see how they like it! Everyone is always so impressed. Thanks, Photopia!
-Christie Berube

I’ve been a commercial photographer for about a decade now, and this is by far one of my favorite places to shoot. There is all the gear you could ever need, or want. Amazing. Why go anywhere else?
-Richard Meade

This studio is very well thought-through. The three shooting bays make using a long lens easy, and there are all the lights and modifiers anyone could want available. Cliff is great to work with, and his easy-going attitude makes doing your own thing easy. I have been looking for a studio for rental for many years that is convenient to use and stocked for a professional. I look forward to using Photopia Studios as my studio!
-Kris Doman

Of all the photo studios I have been to or looked into (which is maybe most of them up and down the Wasatch front) Photopia had the most variety and was the best stocked by far. The options for backdrops covered pretty much every look and vibe you could want and the fact that they had so much lighting equipment that you could use on site - well that was a HUGE plus for me!

On top of all the great spaces and gear the owner, Cliff, was incredibly friendly and gracious and willing to share his knowledge and tips with everyone there, this was the first time I had met him and I definitely felt that I had made a new friend by the time I left. There was no awkward "you aren't one of us" or "maybe I don't belong here" vibe, so you could get right down to being creative and having fun.

On top of all this I felt like the pricing to rent the studio was great! Definitely competitive...the fact that you can actually rent just one hour is a huge plus for me, sometimes being required to have a 2 (or more) hour minimum ends up putting the price of rental out of the budget for my shoot, so this is definitely a great find and I would recommend checking it out to anyone (except, you know - I kind of want to keep it a secret so it doesn't get all booked up so I can't use it, lol Hey - #JustSayin ;) ) #ButReally - check this place out - you won't regret it!
-Adele Lamb

I have never seen another studio so amazing and diverse as photopia. Natural light? Check. Lighting equipment? Check. Ample space? check. And, as a photographer, it’s so amazing to me that I can be in such an amazing space without destroying my bottom line. For how amazing it is, the price is unbeatable! I plan on doing MANY shoots at photopia. 🙌🏼 it’s unbeatable in every way!
-Kyli Summerhays

Love the studio space. Plenty of room with plenty of options in a clean safe area. I know the owners, have worked with them and trust them. Plenty of gear provided with the area to borrow that is in top condition, and a killer ceiling soft box for large groups! Plenty of backgrounds to choose from, and a room with natural light and frosted glass to die for.
-Jeff McGrath